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臺灣館表現亮眼!首度日本跨域聯展參與 SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018

臺灣,是這次 SIGGRAPH ASIA 規模最大的參展夥伴!於12 月 4 日至 12 月 7 日,在東京國際會議中心舉行的 SIGGRAPH ASIA ,是國際間最具影響力的電腦圖學技術趨勢盛會之一;SIGGRAPH Asia是由ACM學會圍繞亞洲地區舉辦的年度盛會,為國際電腦繪圖領域打造最值得關注的盛事平台。在大會中規劃的「Exhibition」 中,匯集許多創新技術、軟硬體內容和前瞻產業應用,讓與會的專業人士們第一手取得產業技術趨勢。

此次的「臺灣館 TAIWAN PAVILION」,是在經濟部工業局國家發展委員會指導下,由 Digi+ 數位經濟產業推動辦公室與 XR EXPRESS TW 共同主辦,實境共創股份有限公司財團法人資訊工業策進會映CG媒體共同執行,以及IDEA 社團法人國際數位娛樂創意協會TAVAR 社團法人台灣虛擬及擴增實境產業協會的支持下,以創新跨域的聯展形式參與盛會。在三天的展期中,也吸引了眾多國際產業人士前來到訪,透過交流與晤談,讓更多人接觸臺灣扎實的技術能量,拓展臺灣技術與IP輸出國際商機。

XR EXPRESS TW  計畫主持人暨 TAVAR 協會理事長謝京蓓認為,透過帶領新創團隊前來參與此國際盛會,也發現到台灣技術新創團隊最大的特點,「臺灣有實力提供與其他國家相似的解決方案,但在成本上更有競爭優勢。」

Digi+ 數位經濟產業推動辦公室經理盧培燕也觀察到,今年 SIGGRAPH Asia 的國際商展有許多 VR 與 AR 結合動態捕捉的展示,臺灣館也不例外!「本次臺灣館是參與 SIGGRAPH Asia 最盛大的一次展出,可以讓臺灣廠商的技術與國際無縫接軌,發展更多合作機會!」

Taiwan is the largest exhibiting partner of SIGGRAPH ASIA! From December 4th to December 7th, SIGGRAPH ASIA was held at the Tokyo International Convention Center, it's one of the most influential international computer graphics technology trends events. SIGGRAPH Asia is held annually by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), and the conference brand had created the most interesting event platform for the international computer graphics field. In the "Exhibition" planned in this year, included many innovative technologies, software and hardware contents. Moreover, plenty of forward-looking industrial applications were brought together, so that the participants can obtain industrial technology trends.

The "TAIWAN PAVILION" was advised by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Development Council. Presented by Digital Economy Industry Promotion Office and XR EXPRESS TW. Organized by Digi Space CO., LTD., Institute for Information Industry and InCG Media. In addition, International Digital Entertainment Creative Association (IDEA) and Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR) had also joined as partners for this time.

Held in a cross-domain format, TAIWAN PAVILION is held in the largest scale that had never seen before. During the three-day exhibition period, many international experts had come to visit. Through conversations and meetings, more participants and insiders could get to know more Taiwan's solid technical energy. By organizing the national pavilion, Taiwan's technology and creativities can be exposed worldwide, as well as developing more cooperation opportunities!

The host of XR EXPRESS TW project, Ching-Pei Hsieh, believed that by leading the new team to participate in this international event, the biggest feature of Taiwan's technological innovation team could be also exposed. She said, "Taiwan has the strength to provide similar solutions to other countries but having the more competitive advantage in terms of cost."

Pei-yan Lu, Digi+ Digital Economy Industry Promotion Office Manager, had also observed that the presentations of SIGGRAPH Asia in this year, had combined VR, AR and motion capture systems, and TAIWAN PAVILION is no exception. She supplemented, "This is our third time to organize national pavilion in SIGGRAPH ASIA, but this year is the grandest time for us. It allows Taiwanese manufacturers to seamlessly integrate technology with the international community and seeking more opportunities for cooperation!" 

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