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SIGGRAPH 2019: TAIWAN PAVILION first huge success in US market

Since being first exhibited in SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Macau, TAIWAN PAVILION participated in Asia market since then. Having the experience of exhibition in Thailand and Japan, firms and organizations from Taiwan teamed up to join the US market, for the very first time. SIGGRAPH has always been an annual melting pot for sharing global ideas, TAIWAN PAVILION just impress many participants in the show! In the exhibition of SIGGRAPH this year, Taiwan and France are the only exhibitors that scale up as country pavilions. TAIWAN PAVILION was also getting attention from international media, including Sino TV, CNA, Sky Link TV and Sing Tao Daily. Even the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang also visited the pavilion.  


In the exhibition of SIGGRAPH 2019, in addition to well-known companies such as NVIDIA, WACOM, Unity, Autodesk, AWS, etc. They all showcased the latest eye-catching technology on the spot. Among the hundreds of exhibitors, TAIWAN PAVILION is the only national delegation from Asia. Because the technology on display is focused on AR, VR, 3D Scanner, and animation effects, which were favored by the US local media, allowing more professionals in the Americas to see Taiwan's excellent development capabilities.  

Red Pill Lab
Pi Square

One of the exhibitors, Jac, who is the co-founder of TG3D Studio said: "It is the very first time for us to participate SIGGRAPH, which is really helpful to us. And through the teamwork force of TAIWAN PAVILION, people who have drawn a lot of relevant resources talk to us, and at the same time receive feedback from different industries. From my perspective, I also get a lot of influence on product development and design."  

The founder/ executive director Chia Chi Lin used to participate in SIGGRAPH Asia, mentioned :" SIGGRAPH is an exhibition specially designed for animation and special effects companies. You must come here for yourself, seeing the world-class games or animation companies exhibit here. Then you will know that how should we thrive, for each aspect."  

MAI BodyMap
TG3D Studio

以經營與行銷的角度看 VR / AR 廣告的現況與未來
SIGGRAPH 2019 - TAIWAN PAVILION 臺灣館於洛杉磯展出成功!


自《映 CG 數位影像繪圖雜誌》創刊以來,我們一直專注於影像製作,一直缺乏對「聲音」這個重要元素的探討,而本期推出「聲影交織—動畫、遊戲與聲音的共鳴」特輯,專門探討聲音創作的世界。
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