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Don’t miss it! Introducing Taiwan Pavilion at SIGGRAPH 2019

CG people must not miss the annual event! This year, SIGGRAPH 2019 was officially launched on July 28th (Pacific Time) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The "Exhibition", which will start on the 30th, will be brought together from internationally renowned. The "Taiwan Pavilion" at SIGGRAPH ASIA last year, which was highly praised during the exhibition. This time, it will leap to SIGGRAPH, come and note down the memos before you go to the exhibition!

Advisedby IDB and NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, under the guidance of the the Digi + (Digital Economy Industry Promotion Office) and XR EXPRESS TW , co-executed by Digi Space ,Institute for Information Industry and InCG Media. Also supported by the IDEA (International Digital Entertainment Creative Association) andTAVAR ( Taiwan Association For Virtual and Augmented Reality). In an innovative cross-domain exhibition, the "Taiwan Pavilion", which is planned to be exhibited at booth #703, will invite VR, AR, animation, special effects, and technology research and development companies from Taiwan, as well as two groups of school creation teams. SIGGRAPH Conference expects animation teams and professionals Visiting, through exchanges, hope to generate more opportunities for cross-domain cooperation.

From creation to CG technology, covering VR/AR

Moonshine, an animated special effects company from Taiwan, brings together top talents from directors, designers, artists, and technical experts to produce high-quality animation and visual effects for many of the world's leading brands and studios. Recently, with the efforts of the internal R&D team, the establishment of the 4D laboratory was completed, and the technical construction of the volumetric capture system was devoted.  

Committed to providing innovative interactive computer graphics technology, PiSquare is dedicated to providing innovative interactive computer graphics technologies. The benefits of our toolset and pipeline include optimized image quality, rendering speed, minimized cost for hardware installation, maximized authoring efficiency, and editing flexibility., honored form MedTech Boston"Top Seven Best Applied Companies in VR Healthcare", has focused on building accurate images of human medicine. Dedicated to building medical precise images of the human body, we reconstruct 2D MRI/CT into a 3D environment through Virtual Reality. In the medical education side, BodyMap gives it away to let students observe vivid human anatomy layer-by-layer in a simulation world to enhance visual memory. In the surgical side, Digital Twin can offer customized service of the medical record to Health Center and Medical Center which make Doctors easily cooperate and get efficiency visual communication with their patient.

Developed by Red Pill, Red Pill Live is the world's smallest motion-sensing device that uses deep learning algorithms to optimize the workflow of instant character animation. Working with voice, facial engine and full-body IK solvers, it adds a different dimension to the virtual characters of industries such as VR / AR games. The goal is to develop a new generation of instant streaming media by working with a variety of IPs.

Starting with 3D technology, starting from 2017, Speed ​​3D Inc., which is deeply involved in the AR field, has successively won the cooperation between Huawei and Facebook to develop interactive AR effects with mobile application development capabilities. By integrating social media and AI face recognition on the technology platform, Speed ​​3D Inc. combines traditional brand marketing concepts with various art technologies to create endless possibilities for interactive marketing.

TG3D Studio has been committed to human body modeling analysis and cloud computing processing in recent years through long-term development of 3D human body scanning solutions and software components such as software components. The goal is to use the most efficient and correct scanning methods to help people obtain accurate body data, which can be applied not only to fitness and beauty, tailor-made clothes but also to animation, VR virtual reality, and other fields.

Team up with young power

In addition to the participation of industrial companies, the Taiwan Pavilion has also joined the new generation of creative energy! The primary goal of the Digital Media Design Department of Ming Chuan University is to promote the student's acquisition of a broad scope of essential knowledge in the humanities, art and digital technology. The department provides a professional curriculum of animation, interactive multimedia design, and game design.

Design college of Shih Chien University has been ranked among the top 30 best design schools in the world by Businessweek Weekly and Department of Communication Design was established in 1997 and renamed in 2000. It Became the first department in Taiwan to be named after the "Communication Design". Besides the technical training, we dedicate and emphasize the training of design thinking and humanistic aesthetic in general.


The SIGGRAPH is a pioneer and community in the world of computer animation and visual effects. Each SIGGRAPH conference shares forward-looking research and academic reports, practical insights and bold ideas with participants from all countries, and embraces all visual and interactive dynamic images, fostering an innovative international community. In turn, it has created a digital media industry that affects tens of thousands of people.  

釀出復古 IP 新滋味|《諸葛四郎》3D 動畫製作篇


自《映 CG 數位影像繪圖雜誌》創刊以來,我們一直專注於影像製作,一直缺乏對「聲音」這個重要元素的探討,而本期推出「聲影交織—動畫、遊戲與聲音的共鳴」特輯,專門探討聲音創作的世界。
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